Glen Wright


+64 21 060 1855



Appointed as a Principal in 2011, Glen has over 25 years’ experience in lighting and electrical systems design. In the 20 years Glen has been with S&T, he has been involved in a wide range of projects across the commercial, industrial, civic, recreational, health, correctional and residential sectors.

Glen has a passion for all things lighting - he believes that everyone deserves to experience an environment with inspirational lighting and is very excited by the new technologies which are transforming the lighting world.  This is a world where lighting is more than fixing a few luminaires on a ceiling, where the shape of light is only limited by the imagination and the colour can be varied to enhance performance, appearance or even entertain.

As the Principal responsible for the S&T LIGHTING Group, Glen leads our experienced award winning lighting designers to create excellence in lighting design which is truly integrated with architecture. To achieve this standard, lighting concepts are always considered by the team early in our design process. 

Being a Green Star New Zealand Accredited Professional, Glen is well versed in environmentally sustainable design and has been promoting energy-efficient lighting design and control strategies for many years. Glen believes in healthy buildings where occupants have access to plenty of daylight and can remain aware of what is happening outside of their building while enjoying the magic of natural light.  Glen is also concerned about the night environment and believes that through the right lighting design and an understanding of the obtrusive effects of lighting, we can provide lighting for evening activities and enhance the environment without impacting surrounding residential dwellings.  He has assisted many clients with the review and resolution of obtrusive effects from exterior lighting installations.

As the recipient of five National Lighting Awards, his outstanding and innovative lighting designs are well recognised in New Zealand.  He believes that reliability comes from good quality installations which are less complicated than they need to be.  Glen is also an engineer with a practical approach and is always prepared to discuss ideas and solutions with clients, architects, designers and contractors.