Our Architects and Engineers are BIM leaders in the industry!

BIM is not a mysterious acronym. It has made its way into our industry and is here to stay! 

At S&T we utilise Autodesk Building Design Suite to foster seamless integration between creative architecture and functional engineering. Building Information Modelling (BIM) means we produce our architectural and engineering drawings from the 3D building models. We also input relevant information at an appropriate level for each project which enables schedules of building elements, areas, volumes or even pricing and materials to be produced. After the completion of the building project, the model turns into an invaluable tool for building owners in the form of Facility Management in the future.

The design models simulate the environment in the real world and the designers use the models for built environment and building performance analyses. We are able to look at daylight levels, sun orientation, wind effects and thermal performance of buildings in real time to help create a more sustainable environment right from early design stages. This is of course is crucial for those who are interested in Greenstar Building Accreditation.

S&T’s Services Engineers use a variety of complementary software that interface with Autodesk Revit to aid in thermal and comfort modelling that will assist in energy consumption projections. These projections can influence decisions which lead to the creation of healthier internal micro-climates and savings during the lifetime of a building.

At S&T, we have developed our very own internet-based hosting technology which facilitates external design specialists to remotely use a Revit model within our IT environment which promotes cohesion and a higher level of effective real-time collaboration. This kind of integrated design process improves the design delivery outcomes otherwise unachievable through traditional design approaches.

Our BIM team leaders are actively involved in Revit User Groups to keep us abreast of cutting-edge developments in the industry, at home and abroad.