“Stephenson & Turner is an architectural practice imbued with the spirit of International Modernism… an approach to architecture that is functional, well-crafted and economical.”

David Kernohan, The Architecture of Stephenson & Turner New Zealand – A Critique

Creating designs to work even harder to maximise a space's inherent elegance and appeal is paramount to our Architects. At S&T we are supported by a seasoned engineering team to source the best practical and proven solutions. These resources enable us to provide a design and construction process that best fits and meets client expectations. It is this combination of progressive creative thinking, impeccable engineering and disciplined capture of data that gives us a point of difference in the market.

We see worthy architecture as a collaborative process that requires a commitment to clear communication and respect between all major stakeholders. As a result, our architects are masters in project transparency and judicious spending, with the ability to clearly present ideas, along with variations, that enable the delivery of your vision within specified financial limits.

Whether you use our architectural services on their own or in combination with our engineering consultancy, you can expect a coherent solution that stays true to architecture’s tried-and-true, core principles: durability, utility and beauty.